The dead comet is passing THIS CLOSE to the moon! what if it hit?
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A dead comet zipped past the Earth on October 31st 2015. It has been nicknamed “Spooky” because it passed earth on Halloween. It was technically named 2015 TB145. Surprisingly, it was traveling at 22mps. Safely, it passed at 1.3 lunar distances (302000 miles) away from the Earth and it was estimated to be 2000ft in diameter. It was spotted by Hawaiian astronomers on October 10th. Just 21 days before it passed. Since it passed the Earth so close, it gave astronomers a great chance to observe the dead comet. TB145 will pass the Earth again because it is a comet so it has an orbit. It will pass Earth in September of 2018 but it will be much farther.

Quick video

This is a short funny video explaining TB145

The dead comet and the moon

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Over all image of where it will pass

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Cool picture of TB145 and the Earth

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Diagram of how close it pass by the Earth

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There are probably many more comets and asteroids that us humans are NOT aware of because TB145 wasn’t found until 21 days before it passed. Luckily, this one is smaller than the meteorite that wiped out the dinosaurs.

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Amazingly, this dead comet passed right on Halloween. Because of that, 2015 TB145 was nick named "The Big Pumpkin" and "Spooky". To make things even creepier, when the scientists got a picture of it, it was the shape of a human skull! In the afternoon of October 31st, "Spooky" screamed past the Earth.